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The most infuriating article you’ll ever read!


They are killing us. Covid isn’t killing us. Omicron isn’t killing us. They. Are. Killing. Us. Imprint that upon your brain and never forget it.  

The policies and treatment protocols as dictated by the CDC, FDA, AMA (American Medical Association), and hospital administrators have undoubtedly killed thousands of people. 

First, I must clearly state that Covid-19 is real. It’s affected millions of people, resulting in hospitalization and death for many. However, it isn’t the boogeyman the MSM portray it as.  

Hospitals throughout the country have instituted an iron-clad treatment protocol which they refuse to deviate from no matter what doctors or patients want. Poor policy is killing people much more than covid. This is one of the greatest medical travesties ever. 

History will not look kindly on those who participated in this medieval policy. 

It is a fact that Italy’s Covid death total was revised. The Italian Higher Institute of Health (IHIH) revised the official Covid-19 death count from 130,468 down to just 3,783. I’ll do the math: only 2.9% of the original death number turned out to be solely due to Covid. The remaining 97% all had comorbidities. 

Debunkers were quick to point out that Italy didn’t revise the death count, yet they acknowledge the revision delineated between healthy (2.9%) and those with comorbidities. They say that many with preexisting conditions would have lived had they not contracted Covid. 

But the truth remains that only 2.9% of healthy individuals died from Covid in Italy. Therefore, it hasn’t been debunked so much as massaged for optics. 

Applying the same percentage to the US’s total of 777,000 deaths, you end up with only 22,533 covid deaths among the healthy. Over the past decade, the common flu averaged 34,200 deaths per year. 

Keep in mind that the entire world used the same criteria for labeling Covid deaths as dictated by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization). Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that Italy’s revision percentage is a decent ballpark to play in. 

Even if you allow the number to go up to 50%, it’s still an astonishing difference. But the damage to the human psyche was already done. People were scared out of their minds and many still are. Mission accomplished.  

Hospitals, by and large, adhere to the guidelines issued by the CDC, FDA, and AMA. Hospital administrators then implement those guidelines throughout the hospitals. Any doctor who goes against the “company policy” will be reprimanded, suspended, or fired for being obstinate.  

Salaried employees will be quick to follow company policy to keep their jobs, and this is how it all happened. 

It is the duty of medical professionals to use virtually any means necessary to save a human life, but they aren’t being allowed to do that. According to the FDA, in order for an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) to be granted for an experimental vaccine, there can be no other treatment in existence. For example, if baby aspirin proved to cure Covid in 40% of patients, then the FDA wouldn’t authorize the EUA. 

It’s no secret that Big Pharma is a trillion-dollar industry. The Covid vaccines alone have grossed a total of over $70 billion dollars in 2021. It’s no wonder they’re quick to quash any potential treatment outside of the vaccines. ivermectin, among others, is cheap and Big Pharma isn’t able to profit so richly off it.  

Pfizer manufactures, markets, and/or distributes just over 314 products according to Drugs.com. In 2021, the $36 billion dollar revenue for the Pfizer vaccine nearly equaled the 2020 revenue of $41.91 billion dollars for all 314+ products they have, according to Business Insider. 

Pfizer employs approximately 88,300 people. Up until 2021, it took 314 products to pay all of them and turn a profit. But now, one single product made enough money to power the entire company. One! 

Meanwhile, Moderna is projected to hit $18 billion dollars in revenue for its first and only product in 2021. Yes, the mRNA vaccine is Moderna’s very first product. After 10 years of failing to bring a safe mRNA vaccine to market, they miraculously got it right just in time for a worldwide pandemic. What luck! 

Hospitals have similar incentives. Every covid patient who ends up on a ventilator earns the hospital $39,000. If you assume every covid death was on a ventilator at some point, that means hospitals made $30.3 billion dollars. 

Even if you halve it, it is still $15.15 billion dollars, or $2.48 million for each of the 6,090 hospitals in the US. You know it’s a lot of money when you have to turn your phone’s calculator to landscape mode! 

Further down the line, there are bonuses for doctors who administer the vaccines. Not necessarily impactful, but worth mentioning, nonetheless. 

Senator Scott Jensen (R-Minnesota) who is also a physician, appeared on The Ingraham Angle, where he said, 

“Hospital administrators might well want to see COVID-19 attached to a discharge summary or a death certificate. Why? Because if it’s a straightforward, garden-variety pneumonia that a person is admitted to the hospital for – if they’re Medicare – typically, the diagnosis-related group lump sum payment would be $5,000. But if it’s COVID-19 pneumonia, then it’s $13,000, and if that COVID-19 pneumonia patient ends up on a ventilator, it goes up to $39,000.” 

If you don’t think all of this is enough of a motive, you should probably stop reading and spend the rest of the day pondering your existence. 

It gets worse, too. Now that you know the “why,” it’s time for the “how.” Take your blood pressure medication because this is where it becomes infuriating

71-year-old Sun Ng was visiting the US from Hong Kong to celebrate his granddaughter’s birthday in Naperville, IL when he contracted Covid-19. He entered Edward Hospital in Naperville, IL on October 14th. His condition deteriorated rapidly, and he was placed on a ventilator days later. Prior to Covid-19, 70% of 65–74-year-old intubated patients died. 

However, Mr. Ng was staring at a likely death sentence with only a 10-15% chance of survival, according to a physician who testified in court on Mr. Ng’s behalf.  

His daughter, Man Kwan Ng, requested that the hospital treat him with ivermectin. The hospital rejected her and even prevented a physician from giving him the drug. As her father worsened, she went to court on November 1st to force the hospital to allow ivermectin treatment. Judge Paul M. Fullerton (DuPage County) ordered the hospital to allow the use of ivermectin.  

Astonishingly, the hospital ignored the court order. 

Ms. Ng returned to court on November 5th and once again the Judge ordered the hospital to allow Mr. Ng’s doctor, Dr. Alan Bain, to administer ivermectin. Remarkably, the hospital refused entry to Dr. Bain on Nov. 6 and 7th because he wasn’t vaccinated against Covid-19. Are you boiling mad yet? 

On November 8th, Ms. Ng filed an emergency report with the court in which the judge lambasted the hospital and once again ordered them to allow Dr. Bain to give Sun Ng the ivermectin treatment. Then, in a move nothing short of pure evil, the hospital had the gall to file a motion to deny the order! 

Thankfully, the judge immediately dismissed it and Sun Ng was finally allowed to receive ivermectin. The hospital administrator should have been thrown in jail for refusing a court order. Are you furious now? 

Well, gosh darn-it, the ivermectin worked! Sun Ng fully recovered from covid and returned to his daughter’s home on November 27th, fit as a 71-year-old fiddle. Mr. Ng would most certainly have died if his daughter hadn’t refused to give up and fight for her father’s life. The Edward Hospital would have effectively murdered him. We must ask; how many others weren’t so lucky? 

For the record, ivermectin is a human drug and its discoverers won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015. It is currently on the W.H.O.’s list of essential medicines and considered a miracle drug because it seems to have multiple applications. It is also manufactured in different forms for horses and other animals. The media purposefully mislabels it. Ask yourself why?  

I don’t know why so many medical professionals choose to adhere to the narrative given to them. For most, it isn’t about the money at all. They don’t want their patients to die. My own doctor got the “V” and recommended I get it too. I didn’t. 

I’ve concluded that they believe in a system without realizing it is faulty and lying to them. They tow the party line like worker drones and don’t take the time to do extensive research. They’re busy and want to keep their jobs like anybody else. 

However, that means they’re also just as capable of succumbing to Mass Formation as the rest of us. Mass Formation is the hypnosis of a population. 

However, I believe this is even more insidious. The reason the hospitals are so ruthlessly blocking alternative treatments is because, if they work, it will expose the shocking malpractice they’re all guilty of. There would be lawsuits for decades. 

Additionally, it would take out Big Pharma’s $70 billion-dollar golden egg because the vaccines won’t be needed. This is a multi-layered Devil’s Food Cake filled with evil, greed, and corruption. Unfortunately, they’re all in on it together. 

If one goes down, they all go down, so they’ll do everything possible to keep up this evil charade. The entire system is rigged. Only we the people, standing together, can stop them. This is exactly why the Nuremberg Code exists.  

Think about how many patients the Edward Hospital in Naperville, Illinois (part of Edward-Elmhurst Health) killed by placing Covid patients on ventilators and refusing any other potentially lifesaving medicines? How much blood is on their hands? You can email or call them if you’d like to inquire about their patient treatment policies. I’m sure they would love to hear from you. 

The only way we can expect hospital policy to change is if the hospitals’ CEO’s, presidents, and administrators know how many people are outraged by their actions. Emails and phone calls can be highly effective. If we remain quiet, they’ll continue their business. What if it were your mother, father, child or wife in the hospital?  

Sadly, this isn’t an isolated incident. Thousands of hospitals throughout America follow the exact same treatment protocols as Edward Hospital. They discourage and refuse any treatment they don’t deem valid despite what the families or tending physician may want. There are many more success stories like Sun Ng’s, too. 

Now, I am not suggesting ivermectin is a silver bullet. It may not work for everyone, but it and other medicines certainly deserve to be part of treatment protocols. Imagine it only has a 50% efficacy rate. That is still much better than the odds once you’re put on a ventilator. 

One patient who wasn’t as lucky was Veronica Wolski. In August 2021, she contracted Covid and required hospitalization at Chicago’s AMITA Health Resurrection Medical Center. She requested ivermectin which the hospital refused. She then asked if her family could bring her ivermectin. The hospital said no. Then, she was refused again when she asked to be transferred to a different hospital. Her family & friends even paid for a private ambulance to pick her up and the hospital blocked her from leaving. 

Do you see a pattern yet? Are these hospitals or gulags? The hospital refused every single request she made to save her own life. Sadly, Veronica Wolski was eventually put on a ventilator and died on September 13, 2021. 

After her death, articles described her as a “Q-Anon conspiracy theorist” who demanded “horse dewormer” for her illness. Even after death, they continued to stigmatize her and ivermectin. Yet, her political beliefs had nothing to do with the story of her illness and death. 

That is their “go-to” method to quell dissent: Isolate; Label; Marginalize; Stigmatize – ILMS. It’s an iteration out of the playbook of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals – “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” 

They use it for everything. Once you know to look for it, it becomes pathetically obvious. They even used it on the late Veronica Wolski. 

The most compelling and informative video I have ever seen on how hospital treatment protocols are killing patients was posted by an ICU nurse, Nicole Whitley, who worked across the country as a Covid frontline worker. She experienced it firsthand, and I highly recommend you take the time to watch her video

It has recently come to light, via a leaked contract which Pfizer used with every country receiving the vaccines, that it forbids the use of any unauthorized treatment. Failure to do so will result in the country no longer being supplied with the vaccines. 

So, if a country publicly endorses and uses something like ivermectin, they lose all vaccine privileges and possibly be held in breach of contract. Entire countries have been essentially blackmailed. Is it too far a stretch to believe this extends down to the hospital level as well?  

There certainly must be something coercing hospitals to block all treatments that are considered “off-label” use. This means any drug that normally has a different use, but could be effective against Covid-19, but is not officially approved by the FDA for treatment. Therefore, the hospitals will block all attempts to use them at the patient’s peril. 

The people in charge of creating the policies and enforcing them are guilty of crimes against humanity. There is no other way to put it. This isn’t hyperbole. Saying that you were “just following orders” (said with a German accent) is no excuse for continuing to oversee, implement, and enforce things you know are hurting and killing people.  

There are many stories like Sun Ng’s. I personally know of three people who got sick and tested positive for Covid-19. They had all the symptoms and were able to clear them within 48 hours. I cannot give medical advice, but I can say the Sun showed them the way.

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