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Zombie nation: How mass formation is brainwashing us


I’m an 80’s kid. I love the 80’s and desperately miss that period of Americana where everyone got along. We loved our country, loved President Reagan, knew what “glasnost” meant, and loved our music, still do. 

I was too young and blissfully ignorant to grasp the news and world events. Nor did I care about such things. Interest in news and politics didn’t come to me until 9/11. That was a seminal moment that snapped me to attention. 

Up until that point, and even for a couple years after, I had always trusted the news and generally our leaders as well. 

Walter Cronkite, Mike Wallace, Ted Koppel, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw, Barbara Walters, David Brinkley, and Diane Sawyer were all people you believed you could trust to give you the unvarnished truth. But then it all changed. 

I didn’t realize it at the time, but as those Twin Towers came crashing down, so too did my understanding of the news and world around me. Abracadabra, everything changed. 

It’s a perhaps overused trope to say it’s like The Matrix, but there is no better metaphor. After countless years of reading and researching it became obvious that we are being lied to and manipulated by everything around us. We’re programmed to think, feel, and believe whatever it is they want. 

Once you’re able to see it, it is impossible not to. However, getting over that hurdle isn’t easy. Nobody can tell you the truth. It is something one must discover for themselves.  

For instance, it’s now a fact that the CIA infiltrated our news to shape people’s worldview. In 2018, under the Freedom of Information Act, a declassified document confirmed the CIA “now has relationships with reporters from every major wire service, newspaper, news weekly, and television network in the nation,” 

Additionally, it helped the CIA “turn some ‘intelligence failure’ stories into ‘intelligence success’ stories,’ and has contributed to the accuracy of countless others.” If you think this stopped on any level, you’re being naive. It’s only become more ubiquitous. 

If you’re reading this or subscribe to my newsletter, the odds are you see it too. A personal example involves a particular “conspiracy theory” that a friend thought was crazy. No matter how many articles and photos I showed them, they thought I was insane. 

It wasn’t until 2 years later, after happening upon a related image, they went down the rabbit hole and eureka! They got “it.” and now this person can no longer unsee it. They just needed to discover it for themselves. 

Nothing perplexes me more than educated people blindly believing what the news and officials tell them. They’ve lost the ability to critically think for themselves. How can they not see it?! We have always been under some form of mass formation, but never before has it been so crystallized than now. 

Millions of people worldwide have become parrots repeating whatever the media tells them. It’s frightening. I don’t hate them; I feel sorry for them. But most importantly, I fear them because this ignorance now threatens our way of life.  

In 2020, a perfect storm of events collided and gave birth to the greatest mass formation the world has ever seen. Mass formation is the hypnosis of a population. According to Gustave Le Bon, it is not like, but the equivalent of hypnosis. For mass formation to occur there four things must be in place: 

  1. Social isolation  
  2. A lack of sense-making. 
  3. Free floating anxiety. 
  4. Free floating psychological discontent. 

The exact origins of the anxiety and discontent are unknown. The people feel this way but don’t know why. According to clinical psychology Professor Mattias Desmet, free floating anxiety is extremely painful psychologically. It causes fear, massive anxiety, dread, and panic attacks. 

Furthermore, he writes that free floating anxiety is so painful that a person will become desperate to free themselves from it and cling to anything that offers them a cure.  

“Shortly before the coronavirus, there was an epidemic of burnout and 40-70% of people described their jobs as senseless,” Professor Desmet said. Additionally, the world’s use of antidepressants had reached an all-time high. We were primed for mass formation to take hold. 

Then, coronavirus hit. Covid-19 provided the perfect target for everyone to blame their free-floating anxiety on. We were locked down and social interactions hit a standstill. The world was desperate for a way out. Cue the masks and vaccines. The MSM (mainstream media), health, and governmental institutions offered the cure! 

For mass hypnosis to occur, the people must be focused on one singular thing. The entire world was inundated with Covid-19 news, death tolls, and outbreak updates. 24/7 news cycles pummeled us with the object of our anxiety. We were slowly being hypnotized and didn’t even realize it. 

People now assumed their free-floating anxiety came from the coronavirus. After months of 24/7 coronavirus news, the stage was set for phase 2 of mass formation. This is when the people “wage a heroic battle against the object of their anxiety,” Professor Desmet says. 

A new type of social bond formed as the people banded together to fight the virus. Frontline workers were lauded as “heroes” and people were encouraged to do their part. Social distancing, wearing masks, washing your hands, and staying home became the weapons of this war. 

Meanwhile, anyone seen breaking these new rules was branded a conspiracy theorist. Blasphemer! The news media reinforced this behavior daily. Life was now entirely directed at fighting this unseen enemy. 

During this phase, the ego disappears. The people’s focus is so directed on one point that their personal comfort is sacrificed for the good of society. They don’t even realize this is happening. “Their physical, psychological, and material well-being can be taken away and they will not notice,” Professor Desmet says. 

We now know the media and official organizations inflated death rates to scare people into submission. People remained hypnotized even after the death numbers were revised. It didn’t matter. The damage had already been done and the world was about to enter stage 3. 

The final stage of mass formation occurs when a solution or cure is offered. President Trump and then President Biden, in concert with the media, offered the solution. Unproven, experimental vaccines would now be available for the entire world. 

Desperate to “go back to normal,” people flocked to the vaccines as their only way out. In this mental state, people will willingly follow the solution strategy no matter the cost. They become blind to all negative aspects the solution may have. 

In fact, I recently watched a video where a man was wheeled out of a vaccination center with his legs convulsing as people looked on yet remained in line for their shot. 

The sudden switch from the negative state of isolation created a euphoria and mental intoxication in the people. Social media lit up with virtue signaling “I got the shot” posts. Videos of people showing off their masks, celebrating the jabs, and even crying tears of joy blanketed Twitter and Instagram. 

I couldn’t understand the exaggerated emotions I was seeing around the vaccines until I learned about mass formation. People were clearly “intoxicated.” This was classic mass hypnosis unfolding before my eyes. It is now so obvious. 

The media and organizations like the CDC and White House did everything they could to intensify this mental state. People were encouraged to do their part not only for themselves but to protect others. Countless commercials and ads reinforced this “cure.”  

As the death rate gets readjusted down, and as evidence that the vaccines may be doing more harm than good continue to pile up, you’re probably shaking your head in disbelief. “How can they not see it?” The hypnosis that occurs under mass formation is so deep that the people become incapable of seeing any faults in the narrative or their leaders. 

It no longer matters if the narrative is wrong. Maintaining this intoxicated state is now the only thing that matters, and damn anything that gets in the way. 

You can show them irrefutable proof that the vaccines are bad, and they won’t care. They’ll do anything to avoid returning to the state of free-floating anxiety, including ignoring facts. 

I have seen countless posts by people who lost a child or loved one due to the vaccine, and yet they insist they would still get the jab. Truly remarkable. People who suffered an adverse reaction will make posts from their hospital bed about how everyone should still get vaccinated.  

Is your head spinning? It gets worse. 

They’ve now become radically intolerant of any dissonant voices. Facts conjure up the source of their free-floating anxiety, so they’ll lash out at anyone who attempts to wake them up from this hypnosis. The more you try to convince them, the angrier they become. You become the enemy. 

It’s no coincidence that during this phase, President Biden stated, “this is a pandemic of the non-vaccinated.” He officially marked the unvaccinated as enemy combatants in this “heroic” battle. 

This was no accident. The unvaccinated now pose a clear and present danger because they threaten to bring the hypnotized back to their state of free-floating anxiety. This was all by design. 

Now you know why it seems impossible for you to convince people that the vaccines are bad, and that masks don’t work. It’s believed that approximately 30-50% of the population are hypnotized via mass formation. Another 30-50% are too afraid of repercussions to speak out and go along with the narrative for the most part. 

As for the remaining percentage, they speak out and get attacked for it. This is why you see so many doctors and scientists remaining silent. They’re afraid of being attacked, denigrated, deplatformed, defunded, and even fired. 

But what about the doctors that got the shot themselves? Surely, they must know that it’s safe. Don’t forget that they’re humans too. They are just as capable of suffering free floating anxiety and being hypnotized as the rest of us. 

Well, look at Dr. Lutchmedial, who tweeted, “…for those that won’t get the shot for selfish reasons, whatever, I won’t cry at your funeral” and “…but the people that convinced them to not get vaxxed? I want to punch those people in the face”. 

Do these sound like the tweets of a rational 52-year-old cardiologist and hospital director? Or do they seem like something a hypnotized person who thinks he’s waging a heroic battle would say? 

I submit to you that Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial was suffering from mass formation. Dr. Lutchmedial died in his sleep on November 8, 2021, from a heart attack only 2 weeks after receiving his mRNA booster shot (3rd dose on October 24th). 

So, how do we defeat this mass hypnosis when people will just escalate the attacks on anyone telling the truth? We must continue to speak out and never give up. Hopefully, like an eroding shoreline, the messaging will slowly break through and eventually wake many of them up.  

Except, I see another potential hurdle not spoken about. If we are successful in breaking the mass hypnosis, we face another obstacle. They must be able to face the fact that they willingly took something that could kill them. The spike proteins in the mRNA vaccines don’t go away. There’s no antidote. 

So, not only must we wake them up, but we have to get them to admit that they just might be the agents of their own demise. There are no do-overs. This element might make it a nearly impossible task. The truth offers them no respite from their free-floating anxiety. If anything, it creates another anxiety-inducing catalyst. 

Now that you know what mass formation is and what causes it, does everything make sense to you? Doesn’t it all click perfectly into place now? 

I do not believe this mass formation happened naturally. There have been far too many examples of purposeful statistical manipulation, censorship, deliberate destruction of small businesses, and of doctors, scientists, and government officials echoing illogical, unscientific claims for there to not be some malevolent agenda fueling this cacophony of misinformation.

Man, that was one helluva sentence. It’s also one helluva statement. Think about it.

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