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Women submit to men, not the other way around

By Che

While incarcerated, I spent a number of years studying the religion of Islam; the tenants, the principles, and the culture. I was intrigued by the discipline and structure of the faith, especially in contrast with the Christianity I grew up with. The rules were clear and concise about what one should and should not do. But there was one rule I had trouble coming to terms with, one I didn’t understand until much later. 

In the religion, it’s not permissible for women to lead men. Women cannot hold positions of authority if that authority extends over their male counterparts. Judges, politicians, spiritual leaders, etc., are all positions reserved for men. 

When I first came upon this tenant, I was immediately repulsed by it. This is blatantly sexist and misogynistic, a relic of outdated times. Mind you, at the time I had been living around all men for years. The interactions I had with women were limited to brief encounters with guards and free staff. 

Prior to prison, I was much too immature to have real, meaningful relationships with women to be able to make a proper judgement on the matter. And then I came home.  

 Now, before you start thinking that this is some kind of “anti-woman” rant to appease the “fragile male ego,” please hear this out. I think you’ll be surprised to see where this is going. 

In no way am I saying women are less than in comparison to men. That’s where they get you, they convince you that this is about gender inequality and the subjugation of women. In reality, it’s about nature and balance. It’s about logic systems being upheld for the benefit of society.  

Human beings are composed of masculine and feminine energy. The breakdown behind this starts in the brain which is divided into two halves and has different functions.  

The left brain is logic based and is most used by males. The right brain is emotion based and is most used by females. Masculine energy vibrates on logic and reason. It is linear in how it approaches problem solving, diving straight into the equation and solving it. Feminine energy, on the other hand, vibrates on emotions and ethereal intuition. 

Its primary focus is on the why. A man will be notified that there’s a shooting and will act quickly to stop it (solve the problem) and return to normal program because the problem no longer exists. Women, however, want to know why the shooting happened? What was going through the shooter’s mind, etc., etc. Two very necessary, yet very different functions.  

 Again, both the masculine and the feminine energies are necessary for creating wholesome living. However, simply utilizing one’s masculine and feminine energies does not bring tranquility. No, it is the order with which one arranges them. 

Patriarchy is the prescribed social order in all Abrahamic religions. Although matriarchal societies have existed, they are outnumbered by patriarchal structures. The patriarchy is based on the order of God over man, man over woman, and woman over children. The man must submit to God, follow the prescribed principles, morals and values and then lead his family in such a way.  

This is where the submission of women to man comes into play. But what exactly does she submit? 

The same order found in the religious texts applies to the individual. You submit your whole being to God, your Creator. His laws and precepts are based on logic and reason. 

Therefore, as a man, you must submit your being to the logical aspects of life. Logic is what makes decisions. You cannot base your life decisions on how you feel, as we know feelings are fleeting and subjective. This is how man submits to God internally and then manifests this with righteous living.  

The woman submits herself to God as well and in the same manner as the man, however, she has the example of her father first and then her husband. This doesn’t mean that she must seek her husband’s counsel for every mundane decision. Not at all. 

But she will submit to the logical aspect of her thinking, something she is taught by her father and husband, and given instruction by her mother on how to receive it. In turn, children must submit themselves to their parents, primarily the mother as she will traditionally spend more time with the children in their early childhood.  

It wasn’t until I interacted with women daily that I noticed the necessity of this order. I noticed how single mother households (matriarchy) differed in energy distribution than a traditional nuclear family (patriarchy). The material I had studied from various walks of life was given clarity as I saw how different states of mind clashed and worked in harmony with each other. 

All of God’s creatures submit themselves to Him. We do this when we submit to the laws of nature. I don’t know about you, but I have yet to free myself from the law of gravity. As hard as I try, I’m still stuck with all ten toes planted in the ground. Submission is a part of life. We all do it, whether one believes in the metaphysical or not. 

The disruption to this order is what causes chaos among humans. If any part of the chain is stubborn and unwilling to do their duty, then the chain is weak and can be broken. We are seeing that today. 

Just as in the story of Adam and Eve, the serpent will always seek the emotional aspect of man. He will arouse jealousy and spite towards God just to cause chaos among God’s people. This is what progressive feminism is doing: destroying the very fabric of society by causing discord between the man and woman. 

Just like the serpent hissed in Eve’s ear, “You can be like God,” so the feminists whisper in the ears of Eve’s daughters, “You can be like Man.”

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Che is a writer and host of “The No Spoon Podcast” on Scoon TV.

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