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Canola is derived from Rapeseed. In 1956, the American FDA banned rapeseed from the human food chain altogether. In the 1970s, labs developed strains of rapeseed with low and, in the American parlance, “generally recognized as safe” levels of erucic acid. They also found ways to treat it and remove the unpalatable bitterness. 

Canola oil is one of the most commonly used ingredients in America’s processed food. It’s in food we eat almost every day but was banned for use in baby formula. 

More so, canola is known to cause cancer and it catalyzes once it has formed. It also causes unhealthy brain function, heart disease, a multitude of liver problems, hypertension and strokes, and stunted growth in children. However, this is merely a shortlist of hazards. 

Most of these problems are not immediate but caused by accumulation. This means if you had canola oil once a month you would probably be okay. For this reason, the FDA can get past feeding Americans this false commodity and defeat the overall health standard.

The true issue is canola oil’s use in almost every processed food we consume, and most restaurants use it to fry and cook their food. Those not conscious about the food they eat could be deteriorating their health gradually. 

Unhinged Consumption 

My firm was able to obtain a report from Monsanto that was compiled in 2003. We followed a pattern for the last 18 years that has led up to the nutrition crisis and obesity epidemic we currently face. 

The Monsanto report makes note of the rejection of GE (genetically engineered) foods from restaurant corps like McDonald’s and Taco Bell. They rejected the use of them due to public rejection and health concerns. Since then, they’ve led the embedding of such ingredients as GE canola, sugar, and cornstarch into our food supply. 

These are all heavily processed foods. All fast food, most food in your local supermarket, and many restaurants’ food contains GMOs. 

McDonald’s uses GE canola oil to fry all its food, as do most other corporations. Again, a minimum of 90% of a food product that can be GE, is. This means American canola, soy, sugar, and wheat are at least 90% GE. 

The five most common ingredients in processed foods are all salts. The next two are dextrose and corn syrup, the most used in food and beverages. Both are derived from corn that is GE. Every single American alive eats GMOs without their knowledge every day. It’s in everything we eat. 

How much of this do Americans eat? A study done by researchers at the University of São Paulo and Tufts University found 57.9% of an American’s calorie intake came from “ultra-processed” foods. Ultra-processed foods are GE and full of preservatives. It is disturbing to know that 90% of added sugars are ultra-processed and therefore GE. 

Added sugars are in almost all commercial products and should be avoided. Ask yourself how many processed foods you eat in a week. This means anything that comes in a package, can, or bottle. Then ask yourself how often you eat out a week. You probably eat more GMOs than you think, don’t you? 

Although innocent in theory, genetically modified food is horrible for human health and harmful to the body. It is also dangerously invasive and irreversible, with known long-term effects. 

With that said, why are companies allowed to use these products? Companies use canola’s cost-effectiveness and high-profit margins with no regard to the consumers. Or maybe there is something worse going on behind closed doors. 

Think about it like this: if people like myself are aware of the dangers of canola oil, GMOs, sugars, and other dangerously unhealthy foods, government food scientists know. More so, they’ve known for a while. Why then do they allow us to continue to consume this poison day in and day out? 

There is no one clear answer, but there are many identifiable. One pattern is the current manipulation of the food supply and the public understanding. Right now, we’re being told there is a beef shortage. What does this truly mean? 

My research and conversations with ranchers can be summed up like this. There are plenty of cattle. We do not have a beef shortage; we have a manipulation of the processing of cattle. 

Currently, there are four major processing companies in the U.S. that ranchers sell their cattle to for processing. Those are JBS, Tyson, National Beef and Cargill. Each one of these global corporations has powerful lobbyists with close ties to our government. Our government also incentivizes them to follow certain procedures and processes. 

The processors are now complaining of a supply chain issue. This is probably correct. But that is not the true root of the issue. Since the world was shut down, we’ve had labor shortages and supply chain issues to name a few. 

In the past, ranchers were able to sell more cattle. But currently, the processors are buying fewer cattle, thus not supplying the food chain as much beef, chicken, and pork as we’ve had access to before. 

This is by design. They can increase their profits by increasing the price and thus pass this on to the consumer. 

Bill Gates 

Now let’s return to Bill Gates. He owns the most farmland in the United States. He also owns and heavily invests in several GMO food companies and synthetic meat endeavors. These include Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat, Memphis Meats, and Hampton Creek Foods. 

Each of these companies is in talks with the four processing companies listed above. They’re also working with the government to design new “dietary standards” for food supply and consumption. The messaging about why these changes are necessary is to fight climate change.  

In other words, the same processors that have been partners with the cattlemen for the last 100 years are now part of the plan to drive the cattleman out of business. Then, they’ll replace the animal protein you eat with synthetic, GE, GMO plant protein that has been proven to cause serious health issues. 

Let us revisit the false commodity of canola. When I was on harvest, I found a pattern happening for the past three years. Each year less wheat was grown while more canola was planted. Wheat prices are consistently down, but canola is consistently providing higher profits to the farmers. In some form or fashion, most Americans consume more canola and soy than any other false GMO commodity. 

As I spoke to the farmers, I saw and understood the crisis they’re in. They want to plant the 100-year-old seeds that have generations have cultivated and reused. They’re in this to plant wheat. They never had the intention of planting canola. This was pushed onto them by our agricultural department and the global seed corporations.

What happens to them if they do not plant canola? They don’t survive. 

Some had tears in their eyes. Their stature was somewhat slumped, their voices not as stern. There’s a quiet desperation in their spirit. They are scared. This land they own was given to them by their grandparents. If they falter, they lose the land and guess who buys it. That’s right, Bill Gates and the Industrial Food Complex mechanism. 

Billionaires and corporations hide with shell companies. Cascade Investments is one of Bill Gates’s companies that he uses to buy and hide his corporate dealings. He owns several companies that are hard to track just because he uses the global corporate system involving a lobbying arm with close ties to our lawmakers.

The Artificial Food Supply of America

It’s no surprise that our nation’s health epidemic is caused by the food we eat. Most of what Americans eat is genetically modified (GM). There are many names for engineered food, such as GE (genetically engineered), GMO (genetically modified organism), or BT (biotech).

Although it has many names, it has only one motive: to destroy the health of those who eat it.

Our food is engineered to meet our desires, causing not only food addiction, but also obesity, laziness, and increasingly ignorance. Food is a gift that gives us life and the nutrients and energy we need to survive.

All the food we eat comes from the earth. When you give your body replenishing and nutritional food, it rewards you. When you consume food made in a lab, it resents you. Eating food pumped with chemicals to make it bigger, “tastier” (sweeter), and more aesthetically appealing is unnatural, and your body doesn’t respond well.

The human body doesn’t have a defense mechanism to process toxic chemicals. Most toxic chemicals, if they aren’t able to be broken down, are stored as fat cells.

To determine this, we researched the Monsanto company’s 2003 analysis and cross-referenced with research. Our findings started from the past and reveal how these chemicals will be used in the future. 


Toxicity is the first and main concern of GE foods for consumers. The FDA has a complicated and seemingly non-attentive relationship with GMOs and always has.

On their website, they claim all GE foods on the market are safe for human consumption. However, there are many holes in testing and regulation of GMO foods. There are also animal studies that claim otherwise too.

A study done by Doctor Stanley Awen and Arpad Pusztai concluded that GM potatoes fed to rats were directly linked to issues with the rats’ gastrointestinal tract. Specifically, issues were caused by transgene found in the GM potato.

Although, in a peer review of the study, Robert Horton of the Royal Society, among other institutes, called for further research to be done.

Eventually, the Royal Society’s statement on GM plants recommended that “any further increase in the number of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms resulting from transfer antibiotic-resistance markers from GM food should be avoided.”

Multiple studies link GE foods to allergies, antibiotic resistance, and immunosuppression as well. Along with all the negative effects of GMOs, they carry friends with them; herbicides.

Herbicides are used in the production of GE foods. They eliminate insects and weeds, producing a faster, easier, and more cost-efficient crop yield. Monsanto’s “roundup” is the most popular of them all, partly because the company creates seeds specifically designed with immunity to the herbicide.

This means if you were to use roundup on regular plants, they would die. Roundup contains the carcinogens oxidized petroleum residue, arsenic, and glyphosate. So, although the plants are immune to the herbicide, humans are not.

The active ingredient glyphosate is found in most of the foods we eat, clothing, and non-organic cotton products like tampons and even drinking water.

Furthermore, the carcinogens have been linked to multiple cancers, intestine and kidney dysfunction, and many other diseases. There are many respected studies done by Environmental Sciences Europe proving these links, and studies by Monsanto attempting to disprove them.

The most important effect of GMOs on human health is their links to obesity. Researchers found that rats fed GE corn grew a minimum of 10% more fat. They were also significantly hungrier than the control group. Further study yielded the same results, but the rats were fed fish fed with GE corn and non-GE corn.

More so, the link between GMOs and obesity is easily observed by looking at the obesity rate in America versus countries not using GMOs. In 2021, 45% of Americans are obese, and 75% of Americans are overweight. The numbers are almost as big as the people. In France, where GMO cultivation is banned, the obesity rate is 10% with only 40% overweight.

To be continued in Part Three… 

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