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The real story of Rep. Cori Bush

By Adam Brassfield  

As a Missouri resident and political consultant, I’d like to tell you the real story of Rep. Cori Bush. She did not just happen overnight. It all actually got started in August of 2014.  

Mrs. Bush, in the beginning, was a success story. She went from living in her car on the streets of St. Louis, to going through school and becoming a trauma nurse. Most people would applaud this huge accomplishment and rightfully so. However, follow me.  

In early 2014, a ground swell of indoctrination started in the inner city and surroundings of St. Louis. Racism, racism, racism…that was the only topic of conversation. A state with, at the time, a democrat Governor and Senator. It was an indoctrination for votes. 

For nearly 60 years, the false narrative that the “democrats” would take care of black communities was a catalyst to the terrible events in this country. But that is a story for another day. Back to Rep. Bush. 

Her father is an alderman in the community pushing these narratives. Children listen and behave to what they are told at a young age. “You can’t trust white people; you can’t trust the police and you sure as hell can’t trust a republican.” 

That is their message. They never talk about history and how the first black men in Congress were republicans. Or how 30% of the police force in America are minority or black. In 2014, this history got lost.  

On August 9th, 2014, Michael Brown Jr, an 18-year-old black man, was shot and killed after robbing a convenience store, by officer Darren Wilson. The shooting was in the city of Ferguson, Missouri, a close suburb of St. Louis. The police officer claimed self-defense while others say Mr. Brown was shot while walking away with his hands up. Hence the term “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.” 

There was actually a cell phone video of the incident that was uploaded to the internet then quickly taken down and confiscated by the FBI.  

Just hours after the shooting, riots engulfed the streets of Ferguson. I remember visiting a friend in the hospital and looking out the window as the community was set on fire, literally.  

Businesses were burned to the ground; people were being shot and wounded. Eventually the National Guard was called in, but that did not stop the “rhetoric” of Cori Bush’s father.  

People were being brought to the Hospitals with flash burns and gunshot wounds at one of those hospitals worked by a trauma nurse named Cori Bush. The radicalization had begun.  

State House Rep. Kim Gardner served from 2013 through January 1st of 2017. Afterwards, she took office as the Circuit Attorney for the city of St. Louis. She was another indoctrinated woman drinking out the same cup as Rep. Cori Bush. 

Mrs. Bush would run for office several times only to come up short. In the meantime, BLM started to take a foothold around the Country. The same indoctrination tactics behind Rep. Cori Bush and prosecutor Kim Gardner had been given a national name and another bullet point for pastors in the city of St. Louis. 

Then, in August of 2020, Mrs. Bush won the United States House seat, District 1. Kim Gardner won her prosecutor seat again as well. The women coined the phrase that 2020 was the year of “Black Magic,” in Missouri.  

They both had been funded by BLM, inc. and George Soros. Kim Gardner was even ordered to reveal the amount she received from a Soros-backed company. Millions of dollars poured in not from the constituents of St. Louis, but rather the self-made millionaires of radical groups across the country. 

Here is the problem; the city of Ferguson settled with the Michael Brown family for $1.5 million. President Barack Obama allegedly visited Ferguson along with Attorney General Eric Holder, promising a full “civil rights” investigation. Both of whom are Black Men. 

There was just one other problem… the cell phone video. It was confiscated by the FBI, did not lie, and was never made public again. Subsequently, officer Darren Wilson was not charged by the DOJ. 

Prosecutor Kim Gardner would go on to take down newly elected Republican Governor Eric Greitens. However, she was sued by his lawyers and forced to recant her false investigation and make a public apology.

Mrs. Bush, on the other hand, used this as a national rally cry. Now, both women still push this false narrative.  

The people of St. Louis and Ferguson are scared to speak against them, for fear of retaliation from BLM or a rogue prosecutor. Meanwhile, children are still being indoctrinated, only now in the public school system with Critical Race Theory. 

Michael Brown’s family got paid. Have you seen them lead a march against “systemic racism” anywhere in this nation? Let me save you the research, ‘no’ is the answer. That was bound to happen with false doctrines being preached by people like Al Sharpton.  

So yes, 2020 was the year of “Black Magic” in Missouri… because they fooled you right before your very eyes. Now they are making money off your fear to stand up and speak.

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Adam Brassfield

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