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Biden just proved he turned away refugees based on voting demographic

By John Sullivan 

A few weeks ago, ScoonTV published my op-ed titled “Biden is turning away Cuban refugees for racist reasons.” In the article, I wrote how many Cuban immigrants register with the Republican party, which may have contributed to the decision to turn away people who met the criteria for asylum status. 

But Biden defenders pointed to the pandemic as justification for the President turning these people away. “The variants” were just too big a risk to bother helping people fleeing authoritarian communism just over 90 miles off our coast. This explanation was accepted, and most people moved on.  

Then the situation in Afghanistan happened. After the complete pullout of coalition forces, the nation fell to the Taliban in a matter of days. This prompted tens of thousands of Afghans to flee the nation. So far, the Biden administration has granted asylum to 37,000 of them. Meanwhile, the delta variant continues to ravage the United States

You may see where I’m going with this, but let’s be perfectly clear. The Afghan people deserve help. Beyond that, they deserve our help. Our government royally screwed up this mission. They failed to achieve the desired results, and the evacuation was a disaster on almost every level. 

But why is the Biden administration turning away Cuban and Haitian refugees landing on our beaches because of Covid and oppression?

How can anyone justify that while they’re flying people away from an armed oppressive government on the other side of the world? The Cubans and Haitians are literally coming here on their own.  

This might be one of the most blatant examples of a President using his power to discriminate against people with different political ideologies. Biden is quite literally flying in refugees from across the world that have a record of voting Democrat, while refusing refugees landing on our beaches with a mixed voting record.  

In my original op-ed, I wrote, “In just a year we’ve gone from ‘If you have a problem figuring out if you are for me or for Trump, then you ain’t black,’ to ‘If you have a problem figuring out if you are for me, then you can’t come to America.’”  

When I first wrote that statement, I felt it was true, but that I might have been going too far. Like many of my fellow Americans, I want to see the good in people. Maybe Biden really did think Covid is too dangerous to accept more refugees right now.  

Unfortunately, this recent refugee crisis underscores how the pandemic had nothing to do with the decision. The Biden administration is turning away refugees because their demographic doesn’t vote monolithically Democrat. Could there be a more disgusting display of racism? 

He thinks he owns people with brown skin. To Joe Biden, America’s just a plantation. Why would he ever let some uppity colored folks in if they won’t vote for him?  

This doesn’t just apply to Cuban Americans either. The administration decided to block Haitian refugees fleeing from the unrest on the island. Why are they being excluded?  

Well, the Haitian American population coincidentally saw a spike in support for President Trump during the 2020 election. While the majority of Haitian Americans voted Democrat, more voted for Republicans than in the 2016 election. Several Haitian churches even campaigned in support of President Trump.  

It’s strange then, that suddenly there are no vacancies for our Haitian neighbors like there were for Afghans. Again, this isn’t saying we shouldn’t take in the Afghan refugees because we should. However, we should also take in our Cuban and Haitian brethren who so desperately need our help. 

Recently, the Biden administration announced it would deport Haitian refugees back to Haiti via plane. They’re literally flying out the immigrants they don’t like, while flying in the ones they do. 

The Biden administration is picking and choosing who to let in. Using Covid to justify shutting out some, while accepting others. For the political party that claims to stand against racism, this is a blatant example of a white man using his power to negatively impact the lives of minorities far less fortunate than himself.  

An even bigger question though is why is Kamala Harris allowing this to happen? The first female, black, and Asian Vice President in history took flak in the past for bowing to a man she accused of working with segregationists in the 2020 primary debates. Apparently, that changed absolutely nothing for her though.  

She’s boasted of her Jamaican heritage before, but where is she when the President shuts out Haitians, who share a similar heritage and struggle to Jamaica? Why hasn’t she used the 25th amendment to unseat him? The entire point of Biden choosing a woman of color for his VP was that she was supposed to temper his behaviors. Pull back on the reins if you will.  

We’re only eight months into this administration and already it’s gone back on promises it made to black and brown people not just here, but around the world. They claimed they represented “a return to normal.” Well, it certainly did go back to normal.  

Except it’s the normal of bombing brown people, manipulating voting demographics with federal power, and increasing minority unemployment. It’s almost like the guy that in office has a noted history of working with segregationists and white supremacists.  

It’s like he voted against school busing and wrote the federal drug laws that crippled our communities or something. Haitians and Cubans shouldn’t have to suffer because of the President we voted into power.

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John Sullivan

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