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To defeat liberalism, conservatives need to stop complaining

By Rex Liberman

Conservatives will never win if they continue complaining like liberals do.

Egalitarianism, the forced equality of outcome, is becoming leftist society’s goal across all spectrums. 

Egalitarianism’s supporters see outlying inequalities, like fewer women than men in STEM careers, and think counteracting the imbalance requires restricting men’s access. This mindset implies an oppressor hierarchy when one may not otherwise exist.

Maybe most women just enjoy other career types and male supremacy isn’t suppressing them. Egalitarianism requires an immense amount of assumption and lack of nuance. 

On its surface, egalitarianism seems noble and exciting. This is why so many nod in agreement for its implementation.

However, it’s dangerous because it demands lowering all tides to achieve its ends. The human experience should favor upliftment, but so often we mistake destruction for progress.

Choosing to champion egalitarianism actually requires bigotry. In modern times, this bigotry is known as “identity politics”. Identity politics arbitrarily assigns beliefs to people based on their race, sexuality, or other surface characteristics.

Abandoning merit in favor of identity quotas is dishonest and harmful. 

If forced equality is the endgame, and merit has no place in society, then only one type of government is equipped to step in. These are the welfare state’s undeniable roots. Or communism, as history recognizes it. 

In order to preserve the egalitarianism that holds communism together, people must abandon individual liberty. If not, you risk disturbing the new normal. 

In addition, they must install a monolithic central governing power to crush merit and administer the day-to-day doses of propaganda needed to keep curiosity low but trust high. 

Millions of innocent people lost their lives during communism’s original iterations because the state tried to rule with pure aggression over its captive constituency. In the years since, communism became synonymous with ruthlessness.

But modern “democratic socialists” think they can achieve the same obedience without the bloodshed. To do so, they’ve enlisted an unlikely ally.

Enter Big Business. The most powerful private sector businesses hold exactly the same views as their government overlords. Thus, they become perfect cover for this new shift toward egalitarianism.

The partnership is symbiotic. While the government inherits a world based on dependency, a select few businesses gain access to unlimited prosperity. This comes in the form of limited competition and free access to workforce, technology, and energy. Meanwhile, the middle class disappears while the gap between top and bottom grows. 

Soon, small businesses cease to exist thanks to an inability to compete. At the same time, the government tries to spend their way to egalitarianism, diluting the money supply to near worthlessness. These conditions force workers to take jobs at massive corporations or starve to death. 

Eventually, all that’s left is a strong central government, state-sponsored corporations, and a desperate lower class forced to work under whatever conditions Big Government deems appropriate.

In other words, leftists are trying to undermine human nature’s competitiveness.

Of course, Big Business will play along. To them, competitiveness is a hindrance more than a safeguard. John D. Rockefeller even said, “Competition is a sin.” 

Egalitarianism ensures that competitiveness fades and power consolidates at the top. The theory’s supporters either aim to enslave you through intimidation, or don’t understand the bigger picture of what their propagating. 

True equality only arises when people choose it for themselves. Unfortunately, most people would rather choose the guaranteed scraps of life than a chance to feast at the banquet.

It seems the Founding Fathers thought of every contingency on the assault of liberty. Crucially, however, they missed man’s propensity to be so free that he chooses bondage.

Recognizing the difference between power and force is the best way to stop corporate egalitarianism’s spread. 

Most right-wing thought leaders understand what I’ve outlined above, but think the key to halting this worst-case scenario is to fight with name-calling. 

We need to bring the fight out of the dust and back onto grounds conducive to real change. Leftists may have kicked up the dust first, but fighting them in the dust won’t change anything.

Therein lies the problem. Democrats revel in the dust and the muck; it’s where they feel most comfortable. They greet daily outrage like an old friend, while discontent reinvigorates their sense of purpose.

Fighting an insane man on his turf with his methods is equally insane. Eventually, neither side can see the bigger picture. Everyone’s too busy hurling insults while choking on mouthfuls of dust. 

Intelligent people need to choose power instead. In the Peter Pan story, thinking a happy thought was the impetus to taking flight.

Yet, our culture sees happiness as a weakness. It’s as if complaining fortifies our position of “rightness” better than winning the game itself. 

When you complain, you’re not satisfied. When you’re not satisfied, you’re aligned with negative outcomes. There is a complete lack of clarity involved with complaining. It literally returns you to the dust bowl and makes your eyes water. 

What’s worse, though, is that complaining only guarantees more of the outcomes that caused the complaint in the first place. There is a momentum to complaining. The more you complain, the more things you find in life to trigger the desire to complain. 

Most people, regardless of political affiliation, can accept that premise. They know that complaining doesn’t serve them, and that nothing changes because of it.

I’d stop complaining, they think to themselves, if other people would stop acting so stupidly. The fear of losing, or being taken advantage of, actually guarantees its fruition. Again, we’re back in the dust.

But there is a kernel of truth from this realization. If getting to where you want to be is your ultimate goal, complaining only serves to slow down that journey. Then, you’re stuck trying to get to a satisfied destination via an unsatisfied journey.

This is like trying to push a boulder up a hill instead of using ropes and pulleys. The force required is tremendous and the outcomes are bleak.

You cannot complain your way to a successful outcome. So many people think you must pay some sort of price in the form of shame, anger, or pessimism in order to achieve positive outcomes.

The reason this lie becomes weaponized is simple. It feels slightly better to point out someone else’s insanity than it is to tend to your own dissatisfaction. However, the results are still the same; painful outcomes and clouds of dust.

Rex Liberman


Rex Liberman is a Southerner who has lived on the East and West coasts and currently resides in Los Angeles. A veteran of both corporate and blue-collar America, he brings a perspective to social commentary that all people from all walks of life can appreciate. Rex is most interested in the intersection between self-development and politics, and how we can come together by better understanding what drives us apart.

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