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Why defunding the police is really about controlling you

By Che 

Mayer Amschel Rothschild, patriarch of the powerful German banking family, once chided, “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!”  

Rothschild understood an important, fundamental truth; it wasn’t money that gave manpower, it was the control of money. For this reason, his family formed a banking cartel whose hegemony spanned continents and brought world superpowers to their knees. 

The common man chases money and the shiny trinkets that come with it. He wants luxury and the faux status he sees flaunted on his timeline. But the elites, the players who play the game at the highest level, seek power. They know the only real currency is power and control of the land and resources it yields. 

It’s why you’re throwing twenties in the strip club and Bill Gates is buying up all the farmland.  

This is true in all thing’s politics. This arena is a full contact sport more akin to the Roman gladiator days than the pre-concussion protocol NFL. The end game of politics is more power. Specifically, power over the population and resources. 

People at the top pull the strings and give the common man fake causes to lead them to a desired destination. The old carrot on the stick is more often a stick of dynamite that always blows up in the face of whoever chases it.  

Enter the “Defund the Police” movement. On the surface, it appears we’ve reached a point where policing in this country has become so saturated with racism and corruption that the idea of slowly eradicating the notion of having a police force at all is a feasible concept. 

If not for the out-of-control police departments terrorizing inner cities, these communities would be afforded the same opportunities as more affluent neighborhoods. Or so says their “logic”.  

For the past year we’ve been subjected to a massive marketing campaign demonizing law enforcement. The purpose given to the common man was due to the police’s abuse of power. To those in the inner circles of society, the real reason has nothing to do with their work performance or attitudes towards “marginalized” people. It has to do with the amount of money it takes to operate these departments.  

Black Lives Matter Global Network was the special interest group backed by the Democratic Party that made this push. Black Lives Matter was founded by “trained Marxists”. These Marxists are the conduit the elites need to push their authoritarian agenda on the people. 

This is the intersection where Gordon Gekko meets “workers of the world unite”. The elites use Marxism to feed the masses the notion that moral high ground means sharing their wealth with others. By doing this, they consolidate more power as the population believes their own lies and shame others who dare to question the whole operation. 

Marxists have one goal: to redistribute wealth. Equality, or “equity”, does not just appear. Man is not inclined to just give up what they rightly earned. Marxists then, take it upon themselves to right society of all its imbalances by controlling what others have earned themselves.  

Society collectively pools its resources in the form of taxes. So, if you’re a Marxist and your goal is to redistribute society’s wealth equally among each other, then you begin with tax dollars. And in most major metropolitan cities guess which department demands the lion’s share of the taxpayer’s contribution?  

According to USA Today, “Police department appropriations generally account for the largest share of the budget in 35 of the 50 largest cities.” 

It’s hard to redistribute something when one entity is hoarding it all for itself. So, what ensues is Hollywood and mainstream media’s massive marketing campaign to demonize police departments all over the nation. 

Let me say something and then reiterate it again: the people behind the “defund the police” movement don’t believe the police are a problem. Again, the same people behind the “defund the police” movement do NOT believe that the police are the problem. This is why you see the same politicians that decry the police as “occupying forces” call for police backup while in public. 

They don’t really believe any of the propaganda spewed on both CNN and The Shade Room alike. All they really care about is that you believe. You can always foresee the next move by paying attention to what they’re saying. Yes, they tell you what they’re planning to do to your face. The same blue checks receive the memo and do their part to empower and enrich those that sign their checks.  

Soon, the police became vilified as racist and abusive of their own power. Then, rich celebrities living in gated communities with their own private security detail told horror stories of being pulled over and harassed by police officers for no reason. 

If not that, they’ll tell you how, if not for the police, black and brown communities of America, of which they don’t live in themselves, would flourish. The same song and dance repeatedly all designed to do one thing; convince you that the tax dollars you pay should be diverted to “community investments,” where the government would subsidize housing, education, health care, etc. 

The last time I checked an investor is an owner. In this case, it’s the government doing the investing. Therefore, they’re the de facto owners of your communities. Don’t complain now, it was you who asked for this when you marched in the streets thinking you’re “for the people” and “abolishing the system”.  

 What’s going to happen because of this? Will crime magically disappear in the inner cities? We all know the answer to that. But this will only cause the same policy makers to ask for more in taxes. Because, of course, the reason for inner city violence is the lack of resources. So, they need your resources in taxes. Now, more of your money is funneled into the very hands of the people targeting it.  

Defunding the police has nothing to do with racist or corrupt police forces. Instead, it’s about chipping away at our tax dollars and giving the government more control over what we do with it. That’s it. 

The goal is to give complete control of the means of production to the state, the dictatorship of the proletariat in Marxist speaks, where the state represents the working class. Although at this point not one person who represents the state has ever been a part of that working class themselves. 

But don’t worry, the public will be so enraged by all the countless videos of “police brutality” and the shaming of those who dare to question what they see that they won’t notice when they lose control over their lives.  

This is the goal. This is what’s real. Everything else is a smoke screen for an elitist agenda that usurps power from the people and channels it into the hands of a tiny minority. We get duped because we want to be angry and outraged at something so the police are an easy target. It just so happens that this outrage and anger will be used against you because you fail to see the moves taking place behind the scenes.  

What Mayer Rothschild said centuries ago is still true to this very day. And the elites know this. This is why they are throwing away dollars in exchange for land. This is why they don’t care about how much money we accumulate down here as long as they control it before we even see it. That’s what it’s about. 

Their “community investments” have nothing to do with empowering disenfranchised communities as it is about controlling them. 

The more we play these games and listen to these shills in the entertainment industry, the more our communities deteriorate at the hands of the same state we thought we so vigorously hated. 

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Che is a writer and host of “The No Spoon Podcast” on Scoon TV.

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