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The leftist delusion, sponsored by free crack pipes!

By Che

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Supposedly, the Biden administration is allocating $30 million for crack pipes. Allow me to address the hyperbole first and then get into this delusional fantasy being imposed on the American people. 

The Biden Administration is NOT spending $30 million on crack pipes. What they’re doing is allocating money for “drug harm prevention” kits. These kits essentially give out free drug paraphernalia to prevent the spread of diseases normally linked to drug use. These kits don’t just have crack pipes. They also have syringes and meth pipes. 

These leftist, so-called “progressive” policies are rooted in delusion. Their remedies operate with the premise that people live a degenerate lifestyle not because they choose to, but because  the system has given them no other choice. This is why they’re so lenient towards criminals and addicts. To them, it’s not their fault. 

Remember when Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed that looters should be given leniency because they steal bread to feed their families because, you know, capitalism. She said this as we saw footage of looters looting a Foot Locker. I was unaware of the produce and bread section of my local Foot Locker, but next time I’m there I’ll be sure to purchase– er, steal some because of equity. 

I recently watched an interview with a progressive social justice advocate where they discussed “defunding the police.”  One demand to improve policing is for officers to live in the communities they police. The reason for this is so officers can better relate to the people they patrol. This sounds like a great and noble idea. But there’s a major problem these people overlook. 

Why do police officers NOT live in the communities they serve? It’s the same reason regular civilians living in those neighborhoods don’t tell on the criminals terrorizing them; there are repercussions for your actions. It’s going to be nearly impossible to find an officer who wants to live in the areas they work. No reasonable person would engender themselves and their family for that job. 

Delusional leftists think this is feasible because they believe criminals just need someone who relates to them in order for them to stop. This is wrong. Not only will most officers not want to live in these areas, the ones that do will inevitably be corrupted. Who really wants to arrest the neighbor you grew up with? Any reasonable law enforcement agency should be leery of those that want to live there. 

Another delusion attempting to manifest itself into policy is the cancellation of student loan debt. This was another campaign promise Joe Biden made prior to the 2020 election. What these progressive ideologues want is to cancel the debt on the loans they took out to attend college. With the snap of a finger, or a stroke of a pen in this case, your debt would be erased. 

But the reality is, someone has to pay for these debts. You can’t just magically make them disappear because the colleges and universities that you attend need that money to keep operating. 

The same goes for universal health care and all the entitlement programs they want. It’s a classic case of “wanting their cake and eating it too.” They want freedoms and civil liberties while at the same time empowering the entity that consistently infringes upon them. They want lower taxes and yet somehow believe all their ambitious and aspirational wishes will fund themselves. It’s delusional. 

These delusions have greater consequences than just a change of pronouns. In Los Angeles, newly elected District Attorney George Gascón has a laundry list of crimes he’s not prosecuting. These crimes include shoplifting anything under $950, resisting arrest, drug possession, etc. His reasoning is racial equity, the idea that there has been racial disparity in sentencing and prosecution. Therefore, rectifying the problem includes a “reimagining of law enforcement.” 

If that last sentence doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry, it doesn’t make much sense to me either. The radical ideologues begin at a starting point not rooted in reality. Reality is most of the homeless population are there because they’re addicted to drugs. Regardless of their reasons, they still chose to engage in conduct detrimental to themselves and others and should be treated with the same amount of justice as the next person. 

The reality is crime is a problem. It’s bordering on Wild West status the way criminals can get away with the amount of damage they inflict. But then again, criminals don’t really want to commit crimes, they only do it because of white supremacy. 

We have to get back to the truth. We can’t be afraid to speak it. A man is a man. A woman is a woman. A man, according to science, cannot get pregnant, cannot have a period, and cannot be a woman. Ever. “Woke” propaganda is based on subjective feelings, the feelings of a tiny fraction of the population that seek to control the majority with their emotional pandering. 

This is dangerous. Without a concrete method such as logic to determine something’s value, you’re left competing with the loudest voice in the room. 

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to see headlines saying the current administration is spending $30 million dollars to distribute free crack pipes. It makes sense when you get into the head of the delusional. They really believe they can end the drug problem by giving out free drug paraphernalia. 

Again, the people making these observations must have never been in that lifestyle. That’s why bureaucratic academics shouldn’t have any say over policy decisions. They base their opinions on a Marxist worldview detached from reality. 

We’re going backwards because we don’t want to tell the truth. We love lies more than the truth because the lies put more money back into the pockets of those who feed them to us. So, they continue to pump out “misinformation” to extend their sphere of influence. 

Logic must be the basis for your decisions which is why the left vehemently tries to undermine it. They want to dissolve the nuclear family by emasculating the man. They want their version of biology, history, and even language to include all even at the exclusion of the truth.

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Che is a writer and host of “The No Spoon Podcast” on Scoon TV.

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